18 May 2024, Kırklareli

As Refugee Rights Turkey, we held a seminar titled "Rights and Guarantees Provided to Asylum Seekers in Türkiye within the Framework of the Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection" on 18 May 2024 in cooperation with Kırklareli Bar Association at the Kırklareli Bar Association Conference Hall.

The seminar started with the registration session with the participation of the Kırklareli Bar Association lawyers, trainee lawyers and academicians from Kırklareli University. Three sessions titled "International Protection Procedures and Appeal Procedures", "Deportation Procedures and Appeal Procedures" and "Administrative Detention and Alternative Obligations and Appeal Procedures" were held respectively. At the end of each session, the topics were reinforced with case studies.

Some of the most frequently asked questions were on the access to international protection procedures from the removal centers and the burden of proof regarding the refugee claims.

The seminar aimed to support the expertise of the local lawyers both theoretically and practically which is significant in Kırklareli as a border province with a removal center. We would like to thank also to Kırklareli Bar Association for donating saplings to Tema Foundation to commemorate the day.