Refugee Rights Turkey strictly observes the following rules and principles in the implementation and delivery of our free of charge legal information and assistance services to asylum seekers & other vulnerable migrants :

  • We treat all beneficiaries equal regardless of any personal differences including ethnicity, language, skin color, religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity;

  • In order to secure equal treatment and quality of our services, we observe a standardized service policy, which ensures that beneficiaries who present same type of legal questions and problems receive the same level and content of legal assistance;

  • We provide clear, accurate and realistic information & guidance to beneficiaries regarding both favorable & unfavorable outcomes they may encounter in connection with the migration and asylum procedures they undergo and choices they will have to make; we carefully refrain from creating unrealistic expectations;

  • We seek to supply accurate and reliable information and advice for beneficiaries to actively make their own decisions regarding their legal options – as opposed to making any substantive decisions on their behalf and without their participation and involvement;


  • We provide beneficiaries clear and accurate information and guidance regarding the scope, limitations and conditions of our legal assistance services; we carefully refrain from making any commitments on which we will be unable to deliver;

  • We interact and communicate with beneficiaries on the basis of mutual respect, personal courtesy and friendly, professional distance;

  • All of our legal information products, legal information, assistance and representation services are completely free of charge, including power of attorney certifications and litigation applications that we file and pursue in the capacity of legal representatives; In order to avoid any perceptions to the contrary or misunderstanding, our staff will not accept any gifts, other artefacts of monetary value or any personal favors from any beneficiary;

  • Beneficiaries can directly contact us to present their inquiries or request legal assistance, without the need for any third persons or organizations to mediate on their behalf; We do not have any links to any third person or organizations which may falsely claim to ‘facilitate’ or ‘put in touch’ beneficiaries with our services in return for fees or other favors; We ask beneficiaries and referral actors to disregard any such ill-intentioned and fraudulent claims and false promises by any third persons or parties;

  • We observe diligence in the implementation of tasks and duties required by our legal assistance commitments to beneficiaries and accept responsibility, and liabilities as relevant, as an organization for any negligence or errors;

  • We strictly observe the confidentiality of our beneficiaries and of any information or documents shared with us by beneficiaries for the purpose of the legal assistance interaction; we will not share beneficiaries’ confidential information or documents with any third persons, parties or agencies without the express consent of the beneficiary; 

  • We strictly observe legal obligations for the protection of personal data of our beneficiaries, as established and safeguarded under Turkish law and international treaties; Our staff will duly provide you adequate information and seek your informed consent when ever any personal data considerations apply over the course of our legal assistance interactions with you;

  • As a refugee legal assistance organization, we have a commitment to the integrity of the international refugee protection regime and the asylum system in Turkey; As such, in our role as legal assistance provider and legal representative, we will never advice our beneficiaries to make false or fraudulent claims or presentations to administrative or judicial authorities or agree to knowingly and willingly facilitate the submission of such false or fraudulent information or documents;

  • In our capacity as legal representative, we do not participate in or facilitate any activities that constitute a crime under Turkish and international law;

  • We observe the Best Interest of the Child Principle in all of our legal assistance interactions and interventions involving children and minors;

  • We are strongly committed to providing a safe environment for all of our staff and beneficiaries; we do not tolerate any behaviour or activities involving disrespect, violence, abuse or other forms of exploitation, including on the basis of gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, and other markers of personal difference.


If you are a beneficiary or other stakeholder representative and have either experienced or witnessed treatment or behaviour by our staff or other representatives contrary to the principles laid down above, you are kindly asked to report to our Feedback or Complaint Mechanism.