17 May 2024, Adıyaman

As Refugee Rights Turkey, we held a seminar titled "Rights and Guarantees Provided to Persons Seeking Protection in Türkiye within the Framework of the Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection" on 17 May 2024 in cooperation with Welthungerhilfe and Adıyaman Bar Association at Adiyaman Dedeman Hotel.

The seminar started with the registration session with the participation of lawyers who are registered to Adıyaman Bar Association. Afterwards, "Temporary Protection Procedures, Appeal Procedures, and Case Studies", "Deportation Procedures, Appeal Procedures and Case Studies", and "Administrative Detention and Alternative Obligations, Appeal Procedures, and Case Studies" were discussed in separate presentations respectively. Some of the most frequently asked questions were about the access to the temporary protection registration procedures, temporary accommodation centers and deportation procedures. After the discussion on the possible solutions of the problems that are encountered in the field, seminar    ended with the sessions titled "Evaluation" and "Introduction of the Turkish Psychological Association's Employee Support Sessions".

With this seminar, it is planned to strengthen the capacity of the local lawyers theoretically and practically in order to contribute to meet the increasing demand for the legal support in the field, especially in relation to the asylum procedures and the 6 February earthquakes.