25-26 May 2024, Kahramanmaraş

Refugee Rights Turkey attended a seminar titled "Refugee Law and International Protection" on 25-26 May at Kahramanmaraş upon the invitation of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in cooperation with Kahramanmaraş Bar Association.

The seminar started with the registration session with the participation of lawyers who are registered to Kahramanmaraş Bar Association. Afterwards, sessions titled "Basic Principles of International Refugee Law and Types of Protection under the Law on Foreigners and International Protection" and "Temporary Protection Procedures under the Temporary Protection Regulation" were presented by the DRC lawyers. The last sessions of the first day titled "Temporary Protection Procedures and Appeal Procedures under the Temporary Protection Regulation", "Deportation, Detention Codes and Invitation to Leave the Country" and "Administrative Detention, Alternative Obligations to Administrative Detention and Appeal Procedures" were held by the lawyers from Refugee Rights Turkey.

On the second day, sessions titled "Refugees with Special Needs: Measures under Law No. 6284", "Refugees with Special Needs: Measures under Law No. 5395", "Foreigners and Disputes under Civil Law", "Divorce and Custody Procedures" and "Appointment of a Legal Representative" were presented by the DRC lawyers.

The topics were reinforced with case studies as the last session of both days, and some of the most frequently asked questions were on the termination of temporary protection, individual application to the Constitutional Court and deportation procedures as well as administrative detention. Lawyers from Kahramanmaraş Bar Association enriched the content of the seminar with their contributions by sharing their own experiences. We would like to thank all participants for enriching the seminar with their contributions, in addition to DRC and Kahramanmaraş Bar Association for their invitation.