7 March 2018

Refugee Rights Turkey website has been renewed. The new website aims to make our various publications and activities more easily accessible to asylum seekers and migrants as well as other interested audiences. It also features some new content not previously available online.

The revamped Publications section of the new website features latest, up to date versions of our various legal information materials, videos, reports and position papers. The restructured Activities section of the new website presents a comprehensive chronology of Refugee Rights Turkey’s various project initiatives, partnerships, events and publications since the March 2015 rebranding of the organization. The new website also presents the latest updates regarding Refugee Rights Turkey’s legal assistance services and support measures for lawyers and NGO legal practitioners.

The new website once again offers two main language selections, Turkish and English; however we also offer specific advice meant for asylum seekers and migrants under our “Information for Refugees” section in 8 languages most commonly spoken by the beneficiary communities.

Refugee Rights Turkey will continue to bolster the new website with additional functionalities and content in the coming months.